You Are Who I Speak Of

This feeling in my soul
Is something I can't let go
I've tried to shake it free
let it escape from under me
But like a rubber ball, it bounces back
Clinging to my heart without any slack
Shaping my life and the future it holds
No more am I shy, it's making me bold
To speak my mind and my thoughts
Holding on to what it gives and all that it has brought
At first the fear would override
The power to love and be alive
But now that it has entered my eyes
I can see now the joy that looks into mine
I keep saying 'it's', and I keep saying 'the'
but YOU are who I speak of in this letter above

by Dalicia Kearns

Comments (4)

Don't you worry! I can read it over and over again and at each time find a different tought a different opinion and enjoy it each and every time, Thank you! ! ! I was lost and now I am more lost :)
Enjoyed this Egal! Just looking to see if you've written anything new lately - hope you are well.
This is fun Egal! Very nice! Sincerely, mary
I have enjoyed the play in this one.Please keep the pen flowing.Love Duncan