Words Of Kindness

Say something kind to your neighbor,
To a friend a greeting of cheer,
To your loved ones a word of endearment
Something tender to dry up a tear Give praise to the host of deserving,
Say a prayer for someone in need.
A simple "please" said, or "thank you,"
Can make a day better indeed. Say something wise to the children,
Be firm and strong if you must!
But always be sure that you utter,
Are words you know they can trust. Don't say words cruel and thoughtless
They can cut through a heart like a knife,
Keep them in check whatever you do,
Or you'll sadden and burden a life. Use only the words of comfort and strength,
And those that can sting - never say.
For the words you use to a stranger or friend,
Can brighten or ruin a day!

by Marianne L. Reed

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