Words Of Love

Poem By CeCe Lamberts

Tell me a lie
a little white lie
tell me that you love me
even if it's a lie.

You say that you have feelings
You say you don't wanna lose me
You put to our relationship ceilings
All I ask from you is to love me.

You don't tell me I'm unique
You don't make me feel special
You don't like to speak, but you critique
Your silence makes me want to shriek
Saying you love me won't make you weak
It's easy, no need for a special technique
Loving words are like a colorful streak
So start behaving as a passionate greek
This way, me and you can reach a peak.

Written on November 1.2007

Comments about Words Of Love

Wow an appealing poem written in an adorable way! The rhyming is awesome too. It is wistful and wry and that adds to poetic creativity here. He oughtta comply. Thumbs up n keep writing. Nice to read u again.
Yes tell her right now, I hope he does CeCe...10

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2,8 out of 5
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