Words Of Wisdom

Love to live
Hate don’t access
Put faith in you
Leave the rest for hope
Dream while you awake
Believe it at your sleep
Because God never take you to
If his not willing to
Get you through
Hold on to your future
Never forget your past
Forgive to your self
Learn from others mistakes
Always tell the truth
Lie when you being abused
Hate is a kind of feeling
But treat everyone like your friend
Don’t trust but listen
Don’t feel but imagine
Use your wisdom to observe
Use your knowledge to convince
Welcome you enemies
Intimidate your weaknesses
Don’t give up when you failed
Continue to maintain
In God we truth
Everything will be achieved
In Mohamed Mosses and Jesus
We believed so,
Peace our common goal
Intolerance we hate
Justice we need
A fair go for all
A rejection to racism
Say enough to women abuse
Stop to maimed our kids
Earth is good place
So why we make others wish death?

by Amadeldin Mohamed

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