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Words Of Wisdom
CT (July 13,1993 / Missoula, Montana)

Words Of Wisdom

In the mist of nothing
You will find something

In darkness
You will find light

In times of confusion
You will find answers

In times of loneness
You will find someone

In times of sorrow
You will have Joy

In times of trouble
You will have wisdom

When you get weary
You will have rest

When you seek
You will find

When you knock
The door will be opened

When you ask
You will receive

When you fall
You will be carried

When you fail
You learn

When you hate
Love your enemy

When you are heavy
Your load will be lightened

When you are lost
You will be guided

When everyone is afraid to speak up
Be the one to do it

You may ask.
Trust in the Lord
And you will see

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Comments (3)

well great golly goodness...
This is all soooo true. I love this poem. its very uplifting and inspirational! =)
Cassy, that is a wonderful poem of hope and love, thank you. David