Words On The Page

I think I love you
Isn’t that a stupid thing to say?
But I think I love you
Just from the words on the page

I draw her face in my mind
Paint it in charcoal grey
The picture of my fantasy
Seeing what I wish to be

There’s no way to really know
If she’s as lovely as I say
It doesn’t matter though
Beauty for my eyes only

I want her in the darkness
These thoughts I must belay
To hold her, kiss her
She may not be real

It really doesn’t matter
She’s with me everyday
Only in my mind
Painted illusion of desire

When I find out how far apart
Reality is from fiction- touche’
I’ve always known better
This is no help, I say

In this now, I see her clear
The perfect women this day
I believe all things are possible
For this moment alone

Tomorrow will come
And I will stay
Holding fast to the dream
Drifting like purple haze

I doubt she knows it
She holds me in her sway
My companion, my lover
All from words on the page

by Celt Merlyn

Comments (2)

sometimes it makes it too easy, this place... a connection bases only on our interpretation of words on the page might lead to a lovely fantasy... and if that is all that's needed, it's a wonderful thing... but if we want more, based on the fantasy... the crash is going to suck, man
So beautiful but touched with a tad of sadness. Holding fast to the dream Drifting like purple haze... wonderful lines.