Words Paint Pictures; Now Look At Your Masterpiece, You Treacherous Artist, You

comes crashing down
Your words cut into my heart
like shards of broken glass
Cut it to pieces...
This realiziton hits me
all too hard
I find myself
alone and frightened
The horrors of this new truth
creep up on me
like childhood monsters
that only ever existed
in the shadows
and on branches of windblown trees
This pain in my arm
from the pinch I gave myself
screams that this is all to real
My soul is mangled, bleeding
I taste salt as the tears
begin to stream down my face,
touching the lips
that once touched yours
As you walk away,
I'm left standing here
looking at the clouds,
if you'll ever see
that you've killed
an all-too perfect possibility

by Nick Jankowski

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