Words That Mean Pain

Each minute I’m sitting here
Why don’t I just leave?
One year has drifted past
Another has flown by.
Anything can happen in one minute.
That minute can cause so much:
Anguish, torment, grieve and suffering,
They're all just other words to disguise the
Word we all know as “pain”.

I’m still sitting here
In the same torture chamber you left me in
Six years ago.
I am reminded of your
Deep intense brown eyes telling the truth,
When only your lips don’t.
Your check-to-check smile
Lets me know that I am right.

Sticks and stones I won’t forget
Forever a scar on my body.
But words ring in my head
Like a thousand daggers coming back to haunt me.
All of this emotional distress you put upon me
Makes me inflict it back on myself,
Punishing myself because of you.

How can you fix this,
When sorry has no meaning?

by Emma Jane Pearson

Comments (3)

when sorry has lost its meaning...time to walk away
Yeah! there are thousands of form of pain.........we name it as anxiety, torment, sadness..etc.......Good Write..10+++
This is a beautiful poem.....I really love it Cheers Anurag Duggal