Words Unspoken

its like damn boy you got me trippin over myself
its like when you look at me my heart skips a beat and you take my breath away
i thought it was over and i was over you and your games
but its like you put me under your spell and for the first time i couldn't rebel
you the only guy who can make me feel this way
all my friends are like dont trip he aint worth it
but truly i am the only one who knows how you make me feel
i could write about you all day&night
about how when we were friends we would never get in a fight
have you ever wondered how 2 different people
from different backgrounds with very different belifes&interests
can agree on everything and fell the same way?
i have i have always wondered how me and you
two very different people could get along so well
but i guess its true oppisites attract
you got me going in circles thinking about you
im diggin myself a hole where all i do is go in circles thinking about you
but i guess its my fault your not my friend
cuz like they say words can sting like anything but silence breaks the heart
i can honestly say i lost my bestfriend to words unspoken

by Beautiful Disaster

Comments (5)

a fastidious title summarizes all your feelings.
The last line said it all. Beautifly said.
from the best words of poetry ive ever heard spoken.
Words left unspoken but penned from the heart that some eyes may never see....
wow i like it good job...if u get the time could you read sum of my poems? thx