AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Afternoon Rain Poem

So is that time of day.
Some go for the hay.
Others try and find a way.
Yet, it is the end of day-almost.
Some just like to let it coast.
Some bring it in with a toast.
It is all part of the day.
Some even get a days pay.
So we reach into our hearts.
To take out the days darts.

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Comments (8)

words give life and soul to an immortal poem....brief, sweet and very well written,
A soft heart always careful with her words before they come out. Thanks Alison.
yes, harsh words can hurt even more than a bee sting! Nice little thought there... Preets
This one i believe is Wonderful!
A lovely and succint piece Alison. the theme of words is always something I find attractive, but it takes a certain skill to make it interesting. This certainly has that.
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