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Work Is A Place Called Hell

Hell is a place I have to go
Hell is a place that I truly know
I have to go to hell
I have to hear that ringing bell
I must scrape through the day
Just need to make some bread every day
Hell is a place that makes me pay
Hell is a place I hate
Hell is a meal that leaves a bitter taste
Hell is a place I wake up and go to
Is Hell a place you call work, too?

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No, hell is not having any work and no money. But there is work and work!
get out, man before it's too late I spent 36 years there see what I mean!
Sorry to laugh at your pain Tiyler.........but this sounds like something my husband wrote! :) Sincerely, Mary
not a pretty picture the place no fun at all but alas the job must be done of course escape always possible you know what I mean get into a spot where happiness is possible a fine poem