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Workaholic gets no all for all.
Patterns worked are sapper more.
Bondman cry and cry are sad.
Cultures make are cultures mad.

Rural ways are hays and rice.
Farms have works and some are fine.
Farmer saying most can sing.
Pedant men are cadres pink.

Social drink champagnes are pinks.
Cadres' classes have houses and sinks.
Working days are playing Zen.
Instant Zen are drugs with sins.

Works may do and works may harm.
China Whites are danger pounds.
Somewhere cases are laws must claim.
Not the goodies put to tents.

Literary persecutions are dollar ten.
Dime is year Is jail are pans.
Bribe your keepers all may fine.
Good is chance as you may mind.
(By argot one dime is one year in jail.)
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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