The first time we met,
I knew,
You were special
From that one glance,
I knew I had to take a chance,
But being workmates,
I knew,
The difficulties ahead,
Hiding how I feel,
Just in case,
You don't feel the same,
We seem to have clicked
But though you approached me,
On so many excuses,
I never quiet knew,
If you were using me.

I hear your voice,
And my heart flies,
To the highest skies.

I never said a word,
But did give a hint,
I guess it's obvious to all,
But us,
How we feel.

That clear step,
We never yet took,
Though nearly three years,
Since we met,
Hiding how we feel,
For being teased,
It's hard for both,
We say nothing,
But I know,
That we both know,
What others hint.

Though offices were changed,
We kept in touch,
Just to say hi,
You and I.

It's hard,
Not knowing how you feel,
Or what you wish,
I know you've been hurt.

You're cold to me in public
But nice otherwise,
Though nothing has been said,
Not explicitly,
It's hard to live like this
If it's worth it,
But the step is huge,
For rejection is hard,
So I say nothing,
We grow apart,
But I regret,
Every minute of every day,
My lack of guts,
But it's easier this way.

Only time will tell,
It takes guts to show,
How one feels,
So many do it,
Not we.

Perhaps it's early yet,
And I make a big deal,
If it's meant to be,
It will,
We'll see.

by Holly Moon

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Very nice writing and clear thinking get gutsy
A very nice poem of hope and patience. Very nice piece.