No Life Left To Live

As the world turns
I watch and cry
As a lonely, old woman's last love is taken from her
By the hand of a writer's cruel pen
The fan's passions ignored
The letters and pleas from all my children who know just
how much he has come to mean to me
Go unread
Laughed at and trashed
Lost in a endless abyss
All the days of my life
Melting into one
Empty and without meaning
Now that the guiding light of my life is gone

Young and restless
To them he was nothing more then just words and actions
On a piece of paper
But to me
Oh yes, but to me
He was ever so much more
Now as I lay here
Soon to drift away
Into that sweet, sweet hereafter
I wonder
Will he be there to greet me?
Will he be there to meet me?
His greatest fan
Oh yes, I wonder
Now that I have no life left to live
Here on this earthly plane
Will my beloved daytime hero be there to at long last
to hold me and to love me?
His sweet, sweet bold and beautiful angel
Following the guiding light of our 2 hearts
At last reunited as 1

2007 Ramona Thompson

by Ramona Thompson

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