World Health Day April 7

Health is the wealth of nation
Health is the wealth of humans
Here importance is to health
But the problems are also for health
Without health, how can cross the life ocean
How we can swim, with weak mind and body
The essence is health in body and mind
To follow the path of natural ways
The food we eat, the water we drink
The air we breath, the walking steps
The thoughts, and thoughtful mind
Invigorating body mind components
All are well to be maintained in ways
That together a sound sleep when require
The totality of contentment of life
Here to understood the contented life
The meditation techniques, exercises
The physical and mental pleasure to pursue
A beautiful world the universe and all
Which is to be enjoyed with a gratitude
To limit the anger and violence in full
Where you are to love and to be loved
Here nothing to adverse to effect the purity
Of this benevolent earth for our own sake
Keep away plastic altogether to keep clean
The world is made not for us alone
The nature and wild life, and all species
Together we are entitled this world to understand
Oh happiness here it is the world health day
That on April 7th we are to remember.

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Nice poem