VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

World In Slow Motion

Took a time for a place, that is a world, on the daily barrage
Mending of the human heart, that goes without camouflage
When I can’t keep this to myself, and cry endlessly for no reason
So many faces, witness the selfless act, yet seem to miss the emotion

Here so alone with no one to talk to, never to walk past or take a bow
Pouring from the pain, not that conversation, is my greatest asset right now
There’s a billion eyes’ in this world, but less than half see from the heart
Mostly gaining ground but wrists, sore, from the binding hurt, play their part

Did a tear well up in this eye, then, wasted as it never fell to prove the point
A kinship forgotten by friends, disappeared through the chaos, they anoint
The enduring beat, of this fathomable, daily exchange, of false hopes and dreams
When in so called peace at night, as this sleep lays play, to nightmares and screams

Not that I can’t rescue myself, but strength is gone from my soul, for now
To stand up to this belligerence, creates the fury, and sweat across my brow
Continue on, as the days, wont stop even for the breaking, of the human spirit
Defying what I cannot understand, as I am impatient, rope within my darkest pit

Sometimes I see puzzles I used to know, but the solving is fleeting, in my mind
The world is the schizophrenia, my perceptions destroyed, beyond what was designed
For me to run, on a weekend program, that is the days like before, a blurred deception
Left to sit and ponder on this, so many people don’t see, when in blinkered perception

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