World Need Us To Struggle

we talk about what was right and wrong
the world problems our problem
we said we must part for the world
need us to struggle in it's behalf
your shoulder i cried on
you on my shoulder cried too
how can the world be cold
watch all the pollution
beauty of the land
where is it
what will the children have
what will be left
smog in the sky hide the sun
where can i get a drink of water
pure like it was meant to be
all animal have no where to live
the earth is crying for thier no space
what can wre do to the way thing are
what we have become
when we can not feel pain
of mother nature
and worries of father time
God above is sad for the
world is not what created to be
what we do we do it together
everyman everywoman and everyone else
must save what God give us
you must do your and i must do mine
this way we will have a tomorrow
for many year to come
teach children to respect the earth
and the earth will respect along with
the God of Creation
© George(Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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