(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

World Of Country

My country drive was so relaxing
On this simple summer day
I stopped my work because
There was nothing I couldn’t delay

Wildflowers were everywhere
Their scent was in the air
Mother Nature at her finest
And she always wants to share

Old worn rail fences circled
Homesteads where I drove
They had that homey feel
As ‘round the fields they wove

A gentle breeze was blowing
I put the windows down
Because it was so important
To hear every country sound

Windmills dotted the land
I enjoy their movement so
I wish that I could see them
Everywhere I go

Sometimes I think we need to
Just stop right in our tracks
Enjoy the natural part of life
That just plain takes you back!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (3)

Marilyn, you have painted a picture perfect scene - of nature so serene! ! *10*! Best wishes! Friend Thad
Hi Marilyn. What is this world if full of care. I dont know where that came from but it seemed apt. I like this one very much indeed a really good read. well done.10/10/10 Regards Dave T
Another mastered piece of words formed. Thank you! Linda