World Of Fish

It was beautiful to see
The fish in all their glory
A marine life extravaganza
That told a lovely story

We were put into another world
It was like we were inside
Of the exciting world of fish
What a charming place to reside

Gliding along so peacefully
All sizes and all colors
This aquarium so enormous
A world like no other

It was a joyful afternoon
For all my friends and me
If you love fish as we do
It’s a place you would love to see!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (2)

Hi Marilyn! I've been to visit an aquarium years ago in Boston, amazing sights there All species, small fish to the largest sharks! Quite some fun to see! Great read & reminder! *10*! Friend Thad
Hi Marilyn. Great fun putting yourself in the place of a fish. rhymes really well. thanks for the read. Regards Dave T