World Of Flames

The world I have known is gone,
Swept away by the wind of destruction,
Leaving a world of burnt dreams,

All I have known has been taken away,
My friends, gone,
My dreams, stolen,
My family, taken away,
But my honor and pride, still here,
My soul, still in my hands,
My freedom, still a free bird,
Me, I'm here to stay,
Still here in the world of flames,

The flames still burning inside of me,
The wind trying to put it out,
The rain pouring down on it,
The cold trying to freeze it,
But the flame of life is still burning,
Still crying the cry of a warrior,

They are hunting me,
This society of lost souls,
They sweep the streets looking for my kind,
Looking for ones who still want to live,
Who still enjoy life,
Ones who know the white bird,
The one that soars through the sky,

I refuse to run,
I refuse to hide,
The hunted shall become the hunter,
The prey turns into the predator,
I shall bring an end to this world of lost souls,

My mission accomplished,
The world free,
Freedom spreading through the streets,
Mankind returning to life,

As I stand and look through this window,
I see this world of flames go off,
Flames rise in the streets,
Souls soar free,
Souls find peace,
I smile, and clear my eyes,
Happines overcomes my heart,
I fall on my knees and cry the tears of happiness,
As I hear in the streets,
My internal flame burns harder than ever,
As I grasp freedom in my hands..

by Dima Lazarev

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