EM (January 23,1990 / )

World Of Lies

Our children grow up in a world of lies,
broken homes and broken dreams.
A cycle of hate continued through time
where nothing is as it seems.
The nightly news tells tales of death;
of children we have failed to save.
We fail to teach them right from wrong,
we weren't taught, just the same.
Words can scar them more than hands,
actions more than knives.
Wounds on their skin may fade within
but the pain stays within their eyes.
We create havens to protect them,
but who to save them from?
The people whom we have entrusted with
giving them dreams and teaching them love?
The future is held in our children’s hands;
our nation’s hope, within their minds.
But their future looks bleak when they have broken dreams
and they grow up in a world of lies.

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This is very well written, the truth of society of today is being told. Change can only take place one person at a time. Scott