ZM ( / Houston, Texas)

World Of Me

In my wonderful world of me
I feast on raspberry moonbeams
And drink of the chocolate sea

My hair is blue, with eyes to match
The grass is red, the trees are black.

My marshmallow palace sits upon turtleshell clouds
Where I rule the stars and sing to the crowds

In the cellophane city that sits on the marsh
Awaits a music box princess with a voice cruel and harsh

I shun her though, for the psychedelic maiden in the
Blueberry house
With seven black cats and the strawberry mouse

We will ride on the wind of a thousand good-byes.
Seek and destroy the little white lies

That plaque and infect the City of Hope,
Hang the corrupted heroes on justified rope

We will carry forth Truth on a silver plate,
Served to the people to destroy the Hate

All this and more happen in my world of me
But somehow I locked the door and lost the key.

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