(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

World Of White

When I woke up this morning
My world was layered in white
So cold it was and very still
Snow had fallen through the night

No birds chirped a good morning
The bugs were hidden away
Instead was this harsh cold
I felt as though it would stay

I could barely see my lawn chair
For white had settled so thick
I wished I had seen it fall
This snow as it began to stick

The trees and bushes were
A fresh and lovely sight
Snow decorated the branches
Making winter look just right

We must enjoy the changes
So lovely and cold and bright
It will not last for long
This wonderful world of white!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (4)

Nice work, Marilyn. A beautiful description of winter. Each season helps us appreciate the next that much more. Have a wonderful day. Ron
You paint a beautiful picture Marilyn. crisp perfection. Merry Christmas. Ann
I must agree with Dream Catcher, Lovely and detailed right down to the bugs and branches! Ten! ! ! God Bless, Linda
World of white chilling cold bites, Declining USA might, no recovery in sight, Homeless people's plight. hoping Obama do the right. best wish u win kyi.