(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

World Paradise Lies In The Unity Of Mankind By Wisdom!

A great threat to world peace and progress lies in obsolete creed and communism;
Best course can be followed by knowledge of science, literature and humanities
Coupled with democratic ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice sure!

Dark age ideologies and creeds can't be useful unless they are scientific facts;
Economic growth at the cost of social thought will make man only a machine in life;
Foolishness of politicians spoil progress in all walks of life by sentimentalism!

Good governance of government should follow the culture of general knowledge ever;
Hard nuts in high places insist or persist as die hard man of one book to decay only;
Iconic rebels surely take up charge to dispose such obsolete philosophies of die-hards!

Joy of harmonious human develop lies in humanistic combination of work and play ever;
Kiss of love in all serves as feedback and incentive to progress of humankind sure;
Love and peace can be established only by human culture of best ideas, words and deeds!

Multifaceted personality leaders by their versatile geniuses can create One World;
Noble ideas of such intellectuals only pave the way for the formation of Utopia sure;
Origin of such a great dream has truly started from Vasudevaya Kutumbakam of Hinduism!

Popularization of such an ancient, effective ideology only has the capacity to do all;
Quite clear ideas, facts and possibilities are well thought out long ago for common good;
Resolution based on such a noble philosophy only can solve all malaise of mankind sure!

Social ideas of political ideologies have only created clashes between cultures of world;
Truth of all isms should be acceptable by all and should be humanistically feasible ever;
Universal truths existing as treasures in ancient wisdom cannot be shattered by any means!

Variety of political ideologies and parties have sprung up as mushrooms to work as weeds;
World is stirred and shaken up by violence and wars by such harmful ideas destroying all;
X and Y of such untested ideals are harming man's mind, heart and soul towards extinction!

Years of well provennoble, wise ideas are uncared for and kept on the back-burner ever;
Zeroing on such worthy matter everyone's mind should be concentrated to achieve paradise!

by Ramesh T A

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Absolutely brilliant.. I liked the third line most Thanks for sharing...10