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World Starting Caring
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World Starting Caring

Poem By Drew Stevens

The Fighting the Screaming the Tears the Bleeding
The Fights That We Start Like a Fire We Keep Feeding
The Nerve That We Put Out When We Are All Feasting
And People On The Other Hemisphere Are All Needing.

We Could Help Them out Just a Dollar a Day and Keep There Mouths
Fed And There Fight To Survive To Just To Get Out And Go Away.

But We Are All Greedy and Need More
Even When Kids our Put Out Given Guns To Fight our Wars…
We Start Them why? Can't Why can't they Just End
Why Can't We Lay Down our Guns And Just Be Friends?

It’s Because We Need to Expand to Be Bigger Then the Rest
Why Can't We Just Give It Up Instead Of Being Best Of The Best?
There's No Need to Be Bigger Then We Are

We Don't Need Private Jets or Big Cars.
We Should Be Helping Out the Ones in Despair
To Get Off our Ass's And Start To Care.

The Worlds is Are Place to Live Are Place to Stay
A Place Where We Should Love One Another and Say
Hurray For Peace and Love and Sharing.
But This Shall Only Happen If People Open Up There Eyes And Start Caring.

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