******world War Iii!

First world war
Resulted 40 million causalities
1914 to 1918
Died men women children teen.

World war II
Lost lives damaged resources too
‘The Axis’ versus ‘The allies’
70 million killed, no lies.
1939 to 1945
Formed UN, no war save life.

Nostradamus said- world war three will start from Europe,
Chinese prophecy ‘tui bei tu’ claim-it would from china sea.
Probably ‘spartly Islands’
Who knows what will happen!

Perhaps.I see, the war have started few days ago!
Between me and my lover because of ego!
May turn as world war!
Danger danger!
It seems some other join
Spending words, no coin.

No causalities yet but
In the air bang! thud thud! Tut tut!

Don’t worry, just tight
Example of love's fight-

I said-
'Morning dews, burning sun, ocean's waves witness,
You the 'you' I love most.
At any cost
Let me touch, love me much, o dear lovely princess.'

She said-
'What really want you, what kind of your love I can't get,
Your words, Your call
Pierce me tears roll
Who are you? I wonder I wonder what's this Maya's net! '

I said-
‘Your love blinds me, always see only you o dear!
Seeing others love to you, I am dying, can’t bear!

She said-
‘Love of others let,
Ever I told? -
I do not love you, more than other, Why you revolt?
Just try to get, try to get! ’

Thus going on…….

The war
Brings tears
She cries I cry
I fear she fear
Emotions may become dry!

Research revealed-
Tears, eliminative process
Remove toxic substances.

But I fear
If thus roll tears
Ocean may become dry
Then, how shall cry! How will cry! !

Oh! stop war stop war
I love you my dear! ! !

by sarwar chowdhury

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This is the worst poem I have ever read. Better than that you can read my poem The World War 5. it's superb. I hope you all will read my poems and please please give ratings and comments. Thank You. Adnan Khan
‘Who are you? I wonder I wonder what's this Maya's net! '’ War…Poet …Readers…Poetry…Lovers…Love…Tears…are all in net of your ‘Poetic Maya’… … Thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
Nice one... eloquently penned. I totally enjoyed it! Read Skyland, by Sarah Ally, my friend and schoolmate.
Beautiful imagination. Truely unbelievable. Amazing.
great poem explains the truth about love and lovers
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