A Rap Of Love

I'm stealing your heart,
To show we wont fall apart,
I know it may seem,
a little weird but to me,
I am in love with you,
The sky all around me is actually blue,
No grey,
In fact you even listen to what I have to say,
Thats courage and strength right there,
At least you care,
I'm happy to make a rap of love,
All the angels looking down from above,
Answered all my prayers,
All the things that weren't there.
With you I found my future in your eyes,
Like at night all the stars shining in the sky,
I see you through it all,
The moment we hung out I did fall,
So listen to my rhyme,
Because for you I got all the time,
Just to show you how much I care,
and how glad you will always be there.
I love you!

by Theresa Short

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..there's no word to describe this.simply wow