World Wide Web

The internet is obviously alive. It is jammed packed with interaction. This website is a shining example of creative open exchange, poetry in whatever definition you want to give it. But the internet as a whole is some kind of artificial collective consciousness.

But what is it we are building here in cyberspace land? By networking, what will it be like when television incorporates itself and information exchange becomes ever more possible?

Behind the technology what is it that keeps it all together, is it the wires? Microchips?
The point I’m imagining is –poetry besides- that a synthesis can occur somewhere in cyberspace. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but imagine that as technology improves like a jet engine, what can come out of this idea of mass integration/public-worldwide domain?

If the internet was a gun what could we aim it at? In the future of course.

Thank you for your time.

by Ben Greene

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Thank you for opening our minds so early in the morning. Patricia Gale