DB (20.02.1988 / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)

World Wide World

We live on a ‘world’.
I learned that at school.
But it isn’t a very nice
World. It has lots of bad people on it.
I don’t think I like the
World. I peep out my
Window at it, and see big
Wagons and dogs.

Mummy says there’s a
World Wide Web.
That sounds scary.
A web right round the
World? They must be very big
Spiders to make webs that big.
I don’t like spiders.
I don’t think I like the

Daddy says it’s a dogeetdog
World. That doesn’t sound nice.
Dogs eating each other.
Maybe when I’m old enough,
I’ll go right round the
World. And make the dogs stop
eating each other. But
I don’t like dogs.
I don’t think I like the

Mummy and Daddy always say it’s a small
World. Is it? It’s always seemed rather
ginormous to me. Maybe, just maybe,
If Mummy and Daddy can live in it,
I can too.
Because Mummy and Daddy are huge.
And I’m just little.
I want to explore this
World. That everyone talks about.
But I really do love my bed.
So maybe I’ll leave it till later.
And stay here instead.

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Comments (2)

LOL sounds familiar Dan, Lol love the irony in it. So much better than me great job Melissa
Humorous and profound. You know a child's mind, Dan. Great stuff. .