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World Without End
MN (12/17/33 / Chicago, Illinois)

World Without End

Dying Winter dressed in a robe of frost,
Sheltered Baby Spring as icy winds tossed.
Baby Spring wept warm tears to see him die.
'Hush, child, each has his time to go, ' he sighed.

The child grew strong and old winter, weak,
He said, 'Go child, find that world that you seek.'
I'll still be with you as the wind and rain.
My child, we do not die, we only change.'

Spring smiled, and tiny leaves covered the trees.
The freezing wind became a playful breeze.
Caterpillars crawled and new-born calves, bawled.
One day, now silver-haired, Spring heard the call.

Baby Summer appeared in Spring's tired arms,
The baby dreamed of a girl full of charm.
Her beautiful head with bright leaves was crowned.
She twirled 'round in her many-colored gown.

The seasons their paths follow and wend,
As do we, world with out end, AMEN, AMEN!

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