(March 7th,1941 / Chichester, West Sussex, England)


I tried to show you my world
As might a child its secret hiding place,
But you chose to close the door
On it & nailed the entrance tighter.

The hammer hammered on
And sent me mad.

I tried to understand the sense
Of wheels and steel designs,
But the tripping In and out of worlds
Caused too much pain
& bred an anemic state of mind
So finally I settled in my nest
Of words and dreams
& climbed alone
the hills of discontent.

You live in one world, I another,
Knowing separate ecstasies,
But the middle world where we exist
Is but a dormitory in which to rest,
A place to keep the children neatly dressed,
To pretend at being sane.

Nudging shoulders here
Like strangers in a crowded room,
I watch myself corrode & fall apart from me,
Choking from this cancer
Of convenience.

by Philippa Lane

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well, this is another powerful piece.