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Worlds Apart
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Worlds Apart

Sometime I feel like a devil,
Full of misery,
My only aim is grief and deceit
Lies just too construct grief,
My ways leave others in total disarray,
Steadily guiding my life from peace,
As they suffer satisfaction unveils itself from within.
I take misery in their success,
Their failures destined,
No well wishes as harsh words beat them down;
Look around several frowns so I rejoice, my power exemplified.
There self destruction glorified,
Sometimes I feel like an angel,
Full of love, their tear move my heart
I exhibit a faith that can move mountains.
Constantly relate,
Advocating truth and justice,
In god we trust, total disregard for the superficial,
By no means are my feelings artificial.
I strive to please earthly beings without foresight of return,
At times I would rather give then receive.
I heave towards the less fortunate, beating away despair and grief with a bonnet,
A man in two worlds, torn between darkness and enlightment.
Both road travels
Time twiddles
I must take a stand, or my inability to act will condemn me.

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