Worlds Are Altered...

Poem By Hugh Cobb

Worlds are altered, not destroyed:
physics echoes metaphysics.
All is energy,
timeless & changing
moment to moment.
The Tao reveals itself
in ever new guises:
'In the blink of an eye all are changed...'

Worlds are altered, not destroyed:
seed contains both tree & fruit.
Paradox: a universe self-referenced
whose defining shape may be a torus:
smoke ring of Goddess breath.
Hints remain, encoded in sacred shape
cosmic lemniscate whose
form suggests a human hand:
Kodaly's key...

Worlds are altered, not destroyed:
so promise intimations of immortality.
Turning this key reveals letters
in ancient alphabets: Hebrew, Greek & Arabic...
Secrets known only to Qabbalists
refute literal interpretation
of sacred texts
& within & beyond all things
the great dance goes on:
music of the spheres!

(Copyright 1/20/2005)

Comments about Worlds Are Altered...

No words can really be lost, even those shouted to the wind. Your poem led me to think of Asian art and the ubiquitous smiling face of Buddha, sitting in wise silence. Good lines, Hugh, Linda
Ah yes, another melon expander. But what are we to expect from the 'Master of Mindblowers? ' Wow dude, that some serious shit! Please continue to weave your magik, Hugh. Right up there with 'The Space Between Thoughts.' Excellent material. Kindest regards, Greg
A great concept piece Hugh. Smart work.
This is superb thought provoking stuff. I'm hooked.

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