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Worlds In Piece As One-Cauchy3
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Worlds In Piece As One-Cauchy3

Worlds in piece as one…
Deeds, no words go on one world a piece in total all related as one.
All follow by referendums.
Loves and peace will seldom keep going.
Do not wear out gods to welcome all in one related in one piece.

Taiwan thrives and deeds are common polls.
Fling the dirt enough and some are china logos.
China logos want our world in piece to all related as one.
Quench a man to make a deed to go to calm the worlds.

Worlds will need the peace.
Give your name so bad and map in functions.
China annexed our worlds.
Never shunt a party biggest alone so to make the evil to all.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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