Worldwide Wars

Worldwide, the stories roll, straight off the steaming press
The headlines, death, destruction, our world is in distress
Shootings, murders, gangland rape, epidemics plague our
Terrorism rules the media and it's all out of our hands.
Wall Street, London, crash to banks so we pay the bankers' price
Along with politicians, they reap the richest prize
Between them, they've got it made, but who's controlling who
It's a game of Happy Families in this monetary coup.
But way above the working man, the hierarchy rest
Playing chess with bombs and bullets with the pawns in battle dress
Wars are never near to home but they're never far away
And it's those we elect to power who have the final say
As to who will be our enemies and who will be our friends
Of the battlefield will be, how and where these wars will end
Of what a nation's fate will be and how much each fight will cost
It's all about the money, not the million lives they lost.
Bomb the pawns by thousands, as planes fly overhead
Don't worry, they're civilians, the poor are better dead
Obliterating every street, and yes, more wars will come
And by the time they stop their war, they've made a princely sum.
They rub their greedy hands with glee at the money they've just made
The costs of bombs and bullets, is such a healthy trade.
They cost the price of missiles, of bullets, bombs and planes
And since they own the factories, replacements equals gains.
They groom a future leader then render him a foe
A tyrant or dictator, he's sent where oil flows
They start their wars through fear and claim they're being attacked
And the good old UK stands upright to guard America's back
They've bases here, there, everywhere and all are fully manned
They fight to make the rich more rich with death their final stand.
You're a hero if you're fighting, playing a patriot's game
But if you are a pacifist, you're a coward and will be shamed
We follow like sheep we are as the wolves spin out their lies
But as each death brings a fortune, they care not who lives or dies.


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