The song of heart - no - 1
- -Worship - -

The heart that wast burnt
And ashes,
The mind that became vagrant and soul that
Left the shore,
art useless for thy worship.
The song that drained out the pain to dance the way to thee,
The thought that left its wings failed to wash away the trammel to meet thee.

In the lawn of mind the heart is ebullient and
ardent for the pursuit of thy feet,
Words of prayer plucked me off my root
and I am pilfered in my own thoughts.
In the nothingness of my mind and
The emptyness of my heart thou art seen as my stella, my inner image of childhood.

The offertory of my being flowed through myriad avenue of my being and I am lost
In the crowd.
Life seems to happen and death seems to fulfil
It in the cave of my heart.

by Prabir Gayen

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