Worshipping God In The Midst Of Trial.

Tho' struggle endures me, it only gives me more reason to live,
Tho' pain is what I gain, it gives me more reason to be louder in praising Jesus,

Am maybe physically in burden but my soul balance as my spirit tickles the time to encourage me.

Temporary is my time here on earth, why should I waste to question this hollow pain.

If Judas the betrayer kissed Jesus on purpose to suffered,

Then who am I to know the answer why I am suffering at this moment?

It's better to suffer than to enjoy futility and iniquity will pull me down to the deepest hurt where anguish and eternal pain endures, where there's no escape because chasm was made and no one will cross that line.

I sing and sing and sing and sing, whenever a words of praise comes forth in my mouth my heart rejoice and my mind declares everything about Jesus.

Tho' words are not enough and every gesture is not sufficient to pay back for what my Lord has done,

But my soul and spirit will always be my witnesses on my weakness flesh that I will walk someday to the place where Jesus prepared for me.

Where every righteous dwells and live unending with Love.

by Didith Marcelo

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