CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Worst Day 2011

I can’t even tell you when I woke up,
Because I never fell asleep
I was in a slumber but still conscious
And by the end I fell to weep

Supposedly dozed off by 3
But reawakened at 5
I strived to go back into my siesta
But I remained consciously alive

Work at 11 in the morning
Wouldn’t get off until 4
A 35 minute walk in distance
But I had 15 to get to the store

2 dollars even in my pocket
For my lunch on my break
But I needed to catch the bus
And he through my request for a free ride away

The driver told me to inser one of my dollars
Which means I wouldn’t be eating
But so sweet and Samaritan-like
The woman gave me a thing to believe in

Came with 2 dollars and left with 3
My luck was finally turnin out right
At work I could feel each tick on the clock
Without a suspected buyer in sight

My girl texted me first which gave me relief
I thought that she was mad at me
But it was the contraire
But now I wish she was only mad at me

My manager gave me his card to feed myself
And with my luck it would happen
I was entranced by beauty’s blue eyes
And spent too much money from captain

Ended up givin him the only money I had left
It seemed to be right at the moment
Hopin he’d insistently reject the pay
I don’t know even why I decided to loan it

Food wasn’t up to par but either way
I ate it which was a better way
Than living hungry without any money
Which is unlike me any other day

Work was almost over and my love,
Texted me wanting to visit me
I was riveted by the image
Of her kissin me exquisitely

I gave up my ride from my boss
That’d take me to my comfort zone
I’d be with her one more time today
But it’s not like we were all alone

Didn’t matter she was there
And although I was sleepy
My heart was wide awake
Not knowin it’d discontinue beating

It was time to go
And had the first been the one she’d be departing
I wouldn’t be sittin here single again
Tryna resuscitate a body that’s broken hearted

I’m too clingy, CLINGY!
And the reason’s what hurts the most
Dodged the drama of facebook
But still let me go for excessive taggin in POSTS!

Now I had to walk home alone, the distance
That at the time felt like a week
My legs stood firm as it walked me home
But my breath only grew ever weak

At home at last finally some rest
Then my phone began to ring
My cousin had thoughts of Karaoke
And I knew the perfect songs to sing

I felt a million times better after the café
But I get home cold from winter’s breath
To find I’d be alone and cold and hurt
Without a phone or internet

What can I do I’m all outta options
There hasn’t been one thing worth memory yet
I hope I wake up and it’s just a dream
But against the odds I wouldn’t bet


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