(1st - 2nd Century CE / Tamil Nadu / India)

“that Day Is Here With Me”

The day when I left my home for good

That day is here with me I fear
Paving the way for the vicious refinement
To cure the days of the rest of my life
And to vie a little harder to target the assignment
When the strength and vigor awfully declined
For the treacherous time and its wolfish tide
The images of the past and the words for now
Reveal the dark from the veils of pride
The day I have forsaken to defeat the foregone
But invoking mind with bitter sobs and tears
Plunging me always into a bottomless pit
An abyss of gloom to shatter the fierce
That day is here with me …….Again.

Written on the 5th March,2010

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crore: ten million; one hundred lakhs, especially of rupees, units of measurement, or people.