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Worth It?
JC (07/23/89 / )

Worth It?

This life leaves us languid.
The excruciating pain it inflicts,
Upon us so innefficent.
Only wanting to cease and devour,
The turbulance strewn upon us.
What is there for us to be merciless?
Unless of course you find your love,
But then again, nothing lasts forever,
There is always going to be a time,
To say good-bye,
Even if it's when you are about to die.
Everything around us is deceiving,
Never able to trust,
If something is REAL or NOT!
Pondering your life,
All of the thoughts,
Just never recede.
Keep growing only to anger you more,
Make you more miserable.
Whats the point in living life to die?
Death is the only thing you can depend upon life though.
Living shows you character,
When you look at nature,
Even its ugliness is beauty,
The one thing that can take,
My mind away,
From the troubles of the world,
Is nature, the world itself.
To watch a rose sear and die,
Is beauty,
Like the way ones heart,
Would wither and die,
From a broken love.
So why does this life,
Leave us so weak?
If its all just wasteful time?

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