BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

Worth It All?

Hello and the blinkers are on
nothing but you as far as I can see
the world would fall apart around me
and I'm still blind to this painful truth
can't understand what you do to me
but I'm falling faster now
I'll just let it take me

No more reality its dream time for me
sleep connects me to some faraway place
maybe this is where you will finally notice me
everything I know and all I believe
nothing short of perfection
and you will find its only you I see

One deep breath and blood rushes to my head
lips spread wide as happiness settles in
I would be lying if I said I could control this
can't believe what I'm becoming now
one of those girls who lives for that guy
never thought I would speak these words
but you're worth it all

Are my eyes playing tricks now
just figments of my imagination skipping in my head?
Could this possibly be everything it seems
everything I know and all I believe
can't help but notice all the tell tale signs
you're standing right in front of me
I will whisper I love you and it won't be all in vain
my whole world before me now
nothing but you as far as I can see

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