LJM (1977- / Orlando, Florida)


I'm sorry for letting you down,
I have been nowhere to be found.
Making promises I know I can't keep
worrying you sick, making it difficult for you to sleep
When you call, usually I am home;
but I've been so depressed who cares about the phone
Sad but true, feeling like I've fallen far from heavenly grace
to ashamed to show my tear stricken face,
God loves me this I know
but these new meds got me feelin like....SO!
My so called sweet heart preferrs someone else
give him his refund; and put me back on the shelf.
Feeling unwanted, stained and blue
Who'd want something dirty?
not me, how about you?

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lydia beautiful poem.. i loved it.. it was so vivid.. so much sad emotion..like something i will write! ! ! lanesha J
You have one typo Lydia, a 'my' instead of a me. Other than that, go fishing, there are tons of fish in the sea and every experience along the way, will strengthen your breast stroke. Swimming is good for the body and soul. 9 from Tai, not that I know! I can't even doggy paddle! lol
a beautiful poem sincere touching painful but only partly true because even if you feel far from heaven's grace the grace remains and waits ever patient for your return good work