No one's ever believed in me,
thus it's torn my world apart;
words have crushed my self-esteem,
and broke my tender heart.

All my life I have always been,
extremely sad inside;
searching for the love that I,
have always been denied.

I never am quite good enough,
and I can't do anything right;
I am worthless and pathetic,
within my loved one's eyes.

All I have ever wanted,
was to be accepted just for me;
I can't be someone I am not,
what you get is what you see.

The hole in my heart is painfull,
for it's empty and hollow inside;
and everynight when I go to bed,
I pray that I will die.

I am not special or worthy,
for someone to truly care;
I'm a misfit to society,
and this truth I have to bare.

I have never known success,
for I fail at everything;
The song that once was in my heart,
I can no longer sing.

As I ponder upon my failures,
which are much too many to count;
I wonder why I was ever born,
and what is my life all about?

by Ruth warren

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Comments (2)

Ruth, Your words reflect pain and sadness but they also reflect a tender heart that feels deeply. Many of us feel alien to earth with no one to talk with or relate to...I am no exception. Hold the course of life my precious sister...for your heart knows what your mind does not understand. I bid you peace and love, Ray
You are ever prettier in thoughts. A very heart warming poem. Good work.