(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


They think of themselves as worthless.
And they are.
With no value that has been identified.
Or a self evaluation taken.

It is pointless to disagree with them.
Many have come and gone,
Making attempts to prove them wrong.
To change their visions.
Since their 'visions' given to them,
Had been intended to inflict...
An ignorance that is worshipped.

And those believing themselves worthless,
Will not listen because this offends.
And the ones who wish to open their minds,
Have left alone to condone their mental sickness.
With a saving of their own sanities.

They think of themselves as worthless.
Obvious is this in observation.
And with determination they have proven,
They are this way and they will stay.
To leave themselves and their children scarred,
With beliefs they've been fed...
And will not and wont release,
That which has been embedded in their heads.

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