(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Worthless To Value

They have had years.
Multiple decades.
And a few centuries,
To correct...
Repeated failures,
Of their misguided ways.

They have represented,
A loyalty to kept faith.
And a devotion to humanity,
To learn from past mistakes.
Made to have asked forgiveness.
Granted by all victimized.
Who have accepted promises,
That they would be guardians...
Of a wholesomeness competitive,
To biblical teachings.
God provides.
Followed to never be questioned
If their beliefs would be ever,
And with a tilt of their heads.
To allow tears to appear,
They convinced to make it clear
Their hearts were sincere.
Filled to the brim.
To overflow only love.

They have had years!
'Multiple' decades!
And a few centuries.
To keep upheld a righteousness.
That reflected unmistakable,
Kept qualities.

And yet...
With the assistance,
Of advanced technologies.
Expertise of scholars,
Certified graduates...
From schools validated,
As being 'ivy league'.
Who amongst them can be blamed,
To have left a mess to leave...
The presence,
Of selfish, self-invested...
Destroying with an employed,
Tunneled view of reality.
On an Earth to treat,
As a commodity...
Worthless to value.
And its inhabitants like fleas.
Annoying those elite.
Assuming around them...
The Universe orbits.
Whenever they wish,
To declare it time...
When to begin or end its spin!

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