I wish I was worthy..
Worthy of the Truth.
Hidden so deep.
How did I find you.

I wish I was consumed..
Into a hole so deep,
buried completely..
with no other place to go.

I wish to be caged,
because I was never meant to fly,
nor am I meant to be loved.
Or to be wanted.

I wish I could feel..
the mind has taken over,
my heart emotionless.
yet, my action loves on.

I wish I was worth something.
To you, to anyone.
perhaps.. even to be loved.
but I know.. it was never meant for me.

I wish I was worth fighting for..
perhaps someone who would hate to lose me.
and would fight for my presences.
but I know.. I'm not worthy.

So I stand here..
Alone with my own abandonment..
watching the world fade into bliss..
as I capture shadows of sorrow..
hoping for your eternal bliss.

by Dislocated Heart

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