(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Worthy Of Its Treasure

No yesterday is worth reliving.
If it was given already blessed to live.
And no memory is worthy to reminisce it.
If nothing from doing this,
Is kept to value.

Exceptions to rules.
Come as they do to not expect.

If it is thought,
During a thinking process.
What one has is known as a precious gift.
With it wanted to pass on to someone else.
Who will keep just as treasured.
As thoughts continue to be digested.
Knowing what one has,
Has worth beyond being measured.
Then that yesterday to reminisce,
The worth of it to pass on to someone else...
As a gift to get.
With it to also know,
What is given to them has value.
One day they too,
Will reminisce what to them was given.
With this to pass on to another,
Who also will know...
As time from them goes.
What is worthy of its treasure.
To keep it valued.
Although more scrutinized will be that one,
Who gets what has been reminisced...
With it felt to be a blessing to receive.

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