Would Have Been

Poem By Deluke Muwanigwa

Ironing, washing, carrying a baby

Would have been on the phone
Doing the gossip
Sweet on twitter
Swag on facebook
The selfie celebrity
Here i am at home

Would have been doing my nails
Doing my hair
Doing my lips
My eye lashes
Applying that mascara
Here i am alone

Can't go outside
Work day and night
Prisoner in my home
Feeding strangers
No appreciated
Tired, lonely and unhappy

Ironing washing carrying a baby
Ironing washing carrying a baby

Comments about Would Have Been

Thanks God we are not doing this " roning washing carrying a baby"
That's why a mother's job is thankless job ironing, washing and carrying a baby. Yet without complaint she does it for ages for her family - thee and their kids just without even uttering her discomfort and discord, losses and sacrifices only because she dreamt va family with thee.

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