(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Would I Dare To Claim Fame

Would I dare to claim fame,
To declare myself famous?
Are you kidding?
I could not come near the flame of fame,
My sisters already enjoy.
And my brother-n-laws?
As gifted as they are?
These folks are the stars.

My nephew and niece,
And their children...
Are the the 'Devos' And Divas'
In my immediate family.
And trust me...
When I am around them,
I am quickly reminded.

I have yet to mention,
My aunts and uncles and cousins...
Who have long made my attempts,
Look like child's play.
Whenever I am in public,
I feel as if I have to show proof...
Or some identification of my connection.

I will admit this,
IF I ever got the nerve...
To make such foolish declarations,
I would be on a remote island...
Whispering in the ears of a monkey.
And 'hoping' I am not related.
I am serious about that.

In my home,
There is a throne where I sit alone.
And 'creatively'...
I can declare to be whomever I please.
And I am blessed with a gratefulness,
To be able to do that on a regular basis.

Would I dare to claim fame,
To declare myself famous?
Only if I am not in the presence,
Of those I know already have achieved it.
And I am alone...
Not to experience the huge smiles on their faces.
Knowing their efforts have created my delusions.
I may be talented and creative...
But receiving looks of pity,
Is not on my top ten list.

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