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Would The Girls Still Care
AL (1928 / mountain Ash South Wales UK)

Would The Girls Still Care

Poem By archie langford

Wherever I go there`s a girl or so.
Who says she loves me, that’s not funny,
She speaks of love and the stars above,
But is she thinking of my money?

Would the girls still care, if I wasn`t a millionaire,
If I never had a dime to my name,
If I was a tramp, a hobo just a scamp,
Do you think that they would love me just the same?

If I could`nt buy diamonds,
If I could`nt buy pearls
Would I still be attraction,
To those beautiful girls.

Would they take it as a joke,
If they found that I was broke
And them no earthly treasures could endow,
Do you think they`d love me,
As they say they love me now.?

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Comments (1)

Archie....You're a millionaire? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Damn....and all this time, I just sort of figured you were a struggling poet...like the rest of us lot! ! ! ; -) But I would gladly dance with you...if you had a penny...or less! Hugs, Dee